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School of the Hawk Kyokushinkai


Hello, This is the place to find our schedule and information. 

Sensei Rod requests all the Yudansha to contact him with their schedule requirements and events soon. We would like to post a yearly schedule as soon as we can...Osu.....

.This is now the default home for the Dolphin Karate Schools website.

Feel free to send comments. If you can help we will be grateful. If you are not of quality and are not living in the way, well we can delete as fast as anyone!

God Bless You and yours, OSU!

Please enjoy our memories shown in the Black beltreview photos both below and photos on our photo gallery pages.


Serpent-Hawk-Ice Bear combined Review at Canyon Lake Dojo

9-10-11 review at Monrovia Ice Bear Dojo.Hawk & Serpent Schools with Steve Senne

2015 review ( 2 Saturdays ) below.

day1 framed.jpg (1314335 bytes) aaron Berkowitz 2015.jpg (389784 bytes) ron baron 2015.jpg (515566 bytes) day 1 with mihn.jpg (1868302 bytes)

2016 Review

2017 Review

Every Year we gain more and grow Stronger. Even us old guys!

We Challenge our younger counterparts to step up.

2019 Review

Not in photograph is Sensei Aaron who had to travel and left before photo opp! 


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