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Black belt Review, March 30,2019

Cherry Valley Dojo

Jorge Ontiveros to Sandan

Aaron Berkowitz to Yondan-ho

Mihn La to Nidan-ho

Mohsen Mabudian to Nidan-ho

Kata, Tameshiwari, Kumite


February 9, 2019 Kyu Promotion

Redlands YMCA

Erin Baldwin                       JuKyu    to HachiKyu

Eowyn Gooding                 KuKyu   to HachiKyu

Jackson Caballero             HachiKyu to ShichiKyu

Nomar Oropeza                 HachiKyu to ShichiKyu

Jacob DeWeerd                 ShichiKyu to RokuKyu

Natalia Collins                     ShichiKyu to RokuKyu

Lex Campos                        ShichiKyu to RokuKyu

Isaac DeWeerd                  RokuKyu (H)

Kevan Mabudian               RokuKyu (H)

Juan Francisco Abonce  RokuKyu to GoKyu

Aidan Jan                              GoKyu to ShiKyu


October 20, 2018 Kyu Promotion

Pioneer Park Redlands (private)

Tiger Le JuKyu to Kukyu

Edwin Gooding JuKyu to Kukyu

Claire Moore JuKyu to KuKyu

Jackson Caballero JuKyu to HachiKyu

Nomar Oropeza KuKyu to HachiKyu

Natalia Collins HachiKyu to HichiKyu

Pasha Hajazi HichiKyu to RokuKyu

Jacob Deweerd HichiKyu

Isaac Deweerd HichiKyu to RokuKyu

Kevan Mabudian RokuKyu

Ethan Jan GoKyu to ShiKyu

Deborah Hart GoKyu to ShiKyu

Ava Mabudian Gokyu to ShiKyu

Mia Gowin GoKyu to ShiKyu



September 8, 2018 Brown Belt Promotion

Redlands YMCA

Alan Deweerd from Sankyu to Sankyu

Shayna Blymiller from Nikyu to Nikyu

Kamron Mabudian from Nikyu to Nikyu

ALL have made good progress. It gets tough from here. Osu!



July 7th, 2018

Redlands YMCA Kyu Promotion

the following were promoted or held  to the rank indicated:

Isaac DeWeerd - Shichi Kyu
Jacob DeWeerd - Shichi Kyu
Joaquin Tapia - Ku Kyu
Natalie Collins - Hachi Kyu
Pasha Hajazi - Shichi Kyu
Amarius Murray - Ku Kyu
Lex Campos - Shichi Kyu
Ethan Jan - Go Kyu
Mia Gowin - Go Kyu
Aidan Jan - Go Kyu
Deborah Guerra - Go Kyu
Everardo Frausto - Ku Kyu
Ava Mabudian - Go Kyu
Kevan Mabudian - Roku Kyu
Mark Ramirez, II - Shichi Kyu
Lazette Ramirez - Hachi Kyu
Nomar Oropeza - Ku Kyu
Juan Francisco Abonce- Roku Kyu

April 28, 2018 Brown Belt Promotion

Redlands YMCA

Emily Stauffer from Shikyu to Sankyu

Alan Deweerd from Shikyu to Sankyu

Shayna Blymiller from Sankyu to Nikyu

Kamron Mabudian from Sankyu to Nikyu


Feb.3, 2018 Kyu Promotion

Brookside Park, Redlands Ca.

Christina Morales (Adult)              From Ju-Kyu                               To Ku-Kyu

Lex Campos (11)                             From Ju-Kyu                              To Hachi Kyu

Kevin Maldonado (11)                   From Ku-Kyu                              To Hachi Kyu

Kevan Mabudian (9)                       From Hachi Kyu                        To Hichi Kyu

Jacob DeWeerd (10)                       From Hachi Kyu        To Hachi Kyu

Juan Abonce (10)                            From Hachi Kyu         To Roku Kyu

Isaac DeWeerd (8)                          From Hachi Kyu                      To Hichi Kyu

Talmage Elkins (9)                         From Hichi Kyu                             To Roku Kyu

Sofia Singh (10)                               From Hichi Kyu                              To Hichi Kyu

Ava Mabudian (10)                         From Hichi Kyu                              To Roku Kyu

Debra Hart (11)                             From Roku Kyu                            To Roku Kyu

Mia Gowin (10)                               From Roku Kyu                              To Roku Kyu

Kendra Lamb (10)                           From Roku Kyu                              To Roku Kyu

Promotion Results for October 28, 2017 at the Highland Dojo;

Wolfgang Fannin




Ethan Jan




Aidan Jan




Isaac DeWeerd




Kevan Mabudian




Jacob DeWeerd




Talmage Elkins




Ava Mabudian




Sofia Singh




Mia Gowin




Deborah Guerra-Hart




Zac Swan Van Lent




Congratulations to Mohsen Mabudain who promoted to Shodan at the Black Belt review October 1st.

Also to Mihn La who promoted to Nidan-ho.

Results from the 9/23/2017 Brown Belt testing at Redlands YMCA

Alan DeWeerd, Emily Stauffer to Shi-Kyu

Kamron Mabudian, Shayna Blymiller to San-Kyu

The results from Kyu promotion on 6/10/2017 at Sylvan Park

Alan DeWeerd to Go-Kyu, Kendra Lamb to Roku-Kyu

Talmage Elkins, Dave Singh to Hachi-Kyu

Deborah Guerra-Hart, Gabrielle Singh, Mark Ramirez II, Mia Gowan, Sofia Singh to Hichi-Kyu

Trinity Vu, Kevin Maldonado, Jacob DeWeerd, Isaac DeWeerd to Ku-Kyu

The Results from 3/11/2017 at Redlands YMCA

Emily Stauffer at Shi-kyu

Kamron Mabudian at Shi-kyu

Shayna Blymiller at Shi-Kyu

And Here are the results from the February 4th, 2017 Kyu promotion at Sylvan Park Redlands.










Here are the latest results from October 9th 2016

Name                                Dojo                    Age                      Rank                   Promoted to:

Alan Deweerd                  Redlands            (Adult)                Ju Kyu                  Hichi Kyu

Mark Ramirez, II              Redlands            9                            Ju Kyu                 Ku Kyu

Kendra Lamb                   Berdoo               9                          Ku Kyu                 Hachi Kyu

Kunal Gaikwad                Redlands            9                           Ku Kyu                 Hachi Kyu

Ava Mabudian                 Redlands            9                           Ku Kyu                 Hachi Kyu

David Presley                   Redlands            12                        Ku Kyu                 Hachi Kyu

Zac Swan VanLent           Redlands            13                        Hichi Kyu             Roku Kyu

Shayna Blymiller           Redlands               10         Roku Kyu         Go Kyu

Kamron Mabudian         Redlands            11                        Go Kyu                 Shi Kyu

Emily Stauffer                  Redlands            11                        Go Kyu                 Shi Kyu

Mohsen Mabudian         Redlands            (Adult)                 Ni Kyu                  IkKyu


The following are the results of the June 11 Kyu Promotion

Kendra Lamb from Ju-Kyu to Ku-Kyu
David Presley from Ju-Kyu to Ku-Kyu
Knyght Baron from Ku-Kyu to Hachi-Kyu
Maliki Johnson from staying at Hachi-Kyu
Jonathan Morgan from Hachi-Kyu to Hichi-Kyu
Shayna Blymiller from Hichi-Kyu to Roku-Kyu
Kamron Mabudian from Roku-Kyu to Go-Kyu
Emily Stauffer staying at Go-Kyu

April 2016

Black belt Review at the Hawk's nest was held April 16th.

Brown belts were invited this year and the following promoted.

No Black belt promotions this year, but they are looking good.

Mohsen Mabudian to Ni-kyu

Giovanni Gomez to Ni-kyu

Good work, keep it up.


February 2016

Kyu promotion at Redlands dojo Sylvan park results;

Victoria Lowe from Ju-kyu to Ku-kyu

Kunal Gaikwad from Ju-kyu to Ku-kyu

Maliki Johnson from Ku-kyu to Hachi-kyu

Shayna Blymiller from Hachi-kyu to Hichi-kyu

Emily Staffer at Go-kyu

William Harrison at Go-kyu


October 10, 2015

Kyu Promotion at Redlands Dojo Results;

Jonathan Morgan from JuKyu to Hachi Kyu
Shayna Blymiller from KuKyu to Hachi Kyu
Drake Baron from JuKyu to Hachi Kyu
Kenny Wikert from HichiKyu to Go Kyu
Emily Stauffer from RokuKyu to Go Kyu
Kamron Mabudian from RokuKyu to Roku Kyu
William Harrison from RokuKyu to Go Kyu
Zachary Swan Van Lent from HachiKyu to Hichi Kyu
Mohsen Mabudian from ShiKyu to San Kyu
Giovanni Gomez from ShiKyu to San Kyu

Both the Highland Dojo and the San Bernardino Dojo are up open and running!

June 20th, 2015

Kyu Promotion at the Redlands YMCA Dojo,

Jessica Shoemaker to Hichikyu

Truman Barrett to Rokukyu

Emily Stauffer to Rokukyu

William Harrison to Rokukyu

Kamaron Mabudain to Rokukyu

Giovanni Gomez to Shikyu

Mohsen Mabudian to Shikyu



The San Bernardino YMCA dojo at Perris Hills Park should be open very soon!

March 7th, 2015* This was a makeup for the prior rained out Sat. Sorry to those that could not attend.

Kyu Promotion at Sylvan park in Redlands,

Jessica Shoemaker to Hachi Kyu

Emily Stauffer to Hichi Kyu

Kamron Mabudian to Hichi Kyu

William Harrison Hichi Kyu

Giovanni Gomez to Go Kyu

Mohsen Mabudian to Go Kyu


The Highland Dojo is open and running!

Go check it out. Sensei Ron Baron has returned from retirement (in Karate) to lead you to the benefits and wonders of Kyokushin karate. Try it out.


October 18, 2014

Kyu Promotion at Sylvan park Redlands;

Drake Baron ,Ju Kyu

Knyght Baron to Ku Kyu

Jessica Shoemaker to Ku Kyu

Marcelo Camacho to Ku Kyu

Kamron Mabudian to Hachi Kyu

William Harrison to Hichi Kyu

Giovanni Gomez to Roku Kyu

Mohsen Mabudian to Roku Kyu

Jesse Moss to San Kyu



January 2014;

The Redlands Dojo is back at the Redlands YMCA!

Classes held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Little Hawks (children) at 6 PM to 6:30 PM.

Basic Class from 6:30 PM to 8 PM.

Fees are $40 Y members and $60 non Y Members. Basic Class

Fees are $40 Y members and $63 non Y Members. Little Hawk Class

Chief Instructor will be Shihan Mark Ramirez. All Active available Adult Blackbelt Instructors will assist as required.


January 2014: The Sylvan Park class will continue on Saturdays when weather permits.


December 2013;

The State Street IEK location has closed. We will be moving to a new venue in January if possible. News will be posted here.


October 12th, 2013,

At today's promotion in Redlands they had the following advancements, along with a good morning workout;

The following are the results:

Margie Cole           Promoted to Hachi-Kyu from Ku-Kyu

Andrea Carrillo     Promoted to Ku-Kyu from Ju-Kyu

Alexandra Carrillo - Promoted to Ku-Kyu from Ju-Kyu

Samantha Tellis -    Promoted to Ku-Kyu from Ju-Kyu


May 2013;

The Really exciting happening this year is the opening of our new Redlands Dojo. The dojo officially will be called the Inland Empire Kyokushin dojo.

It is located on State Street at 624 West. It is big and has good parking. The area is good as well.

Shihan Mark is the head instructor at Redlands and will be aided by Shihan Paul, myself, Sensei Aaron Berkowitz along with Sensei Jorge Ontiveros. Other instructors will hold classes from time to time. The dojo is part of the Hawk School and an official KSK dojo as well.

Classes are being held now! Call for the schedule at (909) 557-5159 or e-mail at iekyokushinkai@gmail.com

Classes for children as well as separate classes for us older folks are also on  the schedule.

Come on down!


News; (posts are new to old)

The 2012 Schedule is up. Sorry about the delay. Seems everyone is late this year. So many factors to deal with in the last few years. All we can do is forge on forward. Train and keep the faith. Hey, It's worked for me for a LOT of years now.

There are good things coming on the horizon. We better get right or get left huh!

Shihan Layne's En Mei Ryu school is hosting advanced classes and they are on our calendar. Please attend, (Hawk Yudansha), I encourage it whole heartedly.

See you all soon at the kyu promotion in Cherry Valley....


Class is in session at the Sylvan Park dojo in Redlands every Sat. morning with Sensei Mark. Weather permitting. Come train with us!

April 2011, We are rebuilding the site from our site from our older Dolphin version. What a mess!

Still, You might want to visit the photo gallery. We have found the backup copies and are posting them as time allows. We intend to replace all the lost content. Give it some time as it is very time consuming, and training still comes first. Check back often.

Your photos and comments are always requested. E-mail us or speak to your Hawk school Sensei. Osu....


The 2011 schedule is up in some fashion. Sensei Dan Layne has raised his class fee to $25. A great deal still!

The Monthly Classes held by Sensei Rod at the Cherry Valley Dojo have resumed. Please note we don't train on really bad weather days. Also be sure to rsvp. If we don't know you are coming we might not be there when you arrive!

Last for now, our school is a member of the KSK now. Sensei Rod will pass on what that means and how it might aid our future soon.



below from 2010............................................................

A sad note. Ronald Stevens, who last posted a 9th Dan in Karate-Kyokushinkai has pased away. Ronald was well known as a California Karate-ka. He trained with Chuck Norris and Mas Oyama during his lifetime. Ron was listed in Mas Oyama's Advanced Karate Book as the Riverside dojo Chief.

Our School will miss Mr. Stevens. Ronald Stevens, Jan. 1947-Nov.2010 ,RIP




Visit Sensei Dan Layne's new website, He is full-time Martial Arts Now. OSU to that, Good move Shihan. Visit http://centerforbalance.biz/#



We have had a problem with this and other sites on our current server. It seems they were bought out and moved to a new data center. This unannounced move caused all our sites to go down or become inaccessible to us. Oh joy!

We are in the process of rebuilding the site. We hope to be normal again soon.

The Dolphin Website has bee relocated to a new web server by our host Sensei Sean. He is having some problems getting some of the features from the old server to work. Please be patient. I am sure we will once again see the high quality forum and other features we have become spoiled to expect!.

When The Dolphin-Hawk site resumes at full repair, I will edit and correct the many issues you may have wondered about. Forgive Me for not doing so sooner. There has been no way or I would have.


Sensei Mark has opened  the Apple Valley Dojo. Classes will be offered on Tuesday evenings. Sensei Mark also has said he hopes to move a bulk of the training to Sat. Mornings 9-noon. Contact Sensei mark for info.

The Redlands YMCA Dojo has closed after 17 years with Kyokushin Karate. Classes will continue at  the Cherry Valley Dojo ecery Tuesday evening at 6 PM. Low fees. Plan to be outside like our old days and we do not train when it snows. Sorry, Sensei is getting to old for that!

The class will be taught by Sensei's ROD and Sensei Aaron Garcia. Tue 6:00-8:00 PM .

Contact Sensei Aaron for more information.

Sensei Rod retired from teaching the weekly basic class, after 25+ years teaching he desires a change to another area of training. He will remain active hosting advanced classes and tending to school admin. tasks.(update, a year off and Sensei Rod is back. Couldn't take the quiet!)

We know the Dolphin website is having troubles. Until they are resolved you may check here for updates and events.

Sensei Paul is a dad again! He and his wife Lauren are proud of their new Daughter! Send him your best. We do!

Hey, Sensei Nick (Arcata dojo) is a daddy as well! Congratulations!!